We’re pleased to say that the Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund (formerly known as the Wildcare Gift Fund) is open to receive grant applications from April 5th to 5pm April 30th.

Who may apply?

Applications may be made by Wildcare groups or Wildcare’s partners, such as the Parks and Wildlife Service.

How to apply?

Please read the TNCF Grant Guidelines first.
Optional: Join our on-line grant writing information session (details below).
Submit your application on this form to Sharon Smith, Wildcare CEO, ceo@wildcaretas.org.au

Amounts available

Nature and World Heritage $40,000 Projects that benefit nature conservation in Tasmania, including in world heritage areas and reserves.
Coast Conservation $20,000 Projects that contribute towards the protection, conservation and management of marine and coastal reserves, marine mammals and seabirds.
Wild bushwalking tracks $100,000 Projects dealing with one or more of the following themes:

  1. management and maintenance of wilderness walks
  2. track maintenance on more remote wilderness tracks*
  3. hut and camping facility maintenance
  4. education for wilderness walkers
  5. on-track walker information
Bonorong $120,000 Projects that support the operations of Tasmania’s specialised wildlife hospital, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.
Tasmanian Devil $30,000 Projects that:

  1. Protect and manage wild devil populations
  2. Care for and manage devils in captivity (insurance populations)
  3. Support captive breeding and release programs
  4. Research into disease prevention and cure
Islands and Dragons $3,595 Projects supporting the conservation of Tasmania’s wild islands


Wildcare is partnering with Volunteering Tasmania to offer a 1 hour ‘Introduction to Grant Writing’ (online) workshop, on April 13th at 12noon.

This will be focussed on the TNCF and provide you with a great opportunity to discuss your concept, ask questions and learn some grant writing tips.

Register here.

Background information

The TNCF Prospectus provides information about the fund, donation causes and past grants. Please feel free to share it widely!

All applications to the Wildcare TNCF are assessed by the Wildcare Grants Assessment Committee.

Any money not released this round will remain within the TNCF. The TNCF opens twice per year and the next round opening will be in September 2021.


An acquittal for any past grant will need to be submitted using this form before an application can be made for a second grant, unless alternative arrangements have been made. Acquittals demonstrate that money has been spent as intended and they allow stories about achievements to be shared.

Sometimes things don’t work out as intended though for many different reasons, so an acquittal may also be a request to defer expenditure or to reframe the original purpose of the grant.

Enquiries to Sharon Smith ceo@wildcaretas.org.au