WILDCARE WEBSITE TRAINING is happening in the South!

When? Saturday August 4th 9:30am-12:15pm

Where? Rosny LINC 48 Bligh Street ​​​ Rosny.

Cost? Free (morning tea provided)


We know that using the Wildcare website can be quite challenging, particularly for low-frequency tasks such as creating news items or events or emailing members.

Following a similar event held in the north west, we are running website training in Hobart where specific topics of concern to users will be covered. The workshop will be hands-on, practical and in a small group.

In addition to this small group session, Kim Willing, the Wildcare Facilitator, is available to provide face-to-face support (at a mutually convenient location or via Skype) for people within the South of the State and Glen Hayhurst, the Wildcare Board Secretary, is able to provide similar support for people in the North of the State.

Please get in touch with either Kim (wildcarefacilitator@wildcaretas.org.au) or Glen (secretary@wildcaretas.org.au) if you would like to arrange a time to meet (in person, or over phone or Skype). We are both also available for question and answer support via email.
A reminder that you can now send stories and news about your recent activities for the Wildcare facebook page by sending short punchy text and separately attached action photos to socialmedia@wildcaretas.org.au and we will upload them (after any editing that may be involved).

Stories will finish with an invitation to join and a link to your branch page.