Are you passionate and skilled enough to be the Wildcare Facilitator?

Sadly, we are losing our wonderful Wildcare Facilitator, Jodie Epper, for 12 months while she provides her volunteering services in Indonesia. Have a great time Jodie! So we are looking for someone to take on some of her duties on a semi-volunteer contract basis, for that period of time. We are looking for someone with volunteering vigour and passion, although there is an honorarium of $25,000 pa available for the role.

The role is based in Hobart, attending the Wildcare Office which is on the 2nd Floor 134 Macquarie Street on a regular basis.

Interested? Well, we are interested in receiving an Expression of Interest from you.

Email us acochair@wildcaretas.org.au some information about your relevant experience and skills (related to the skills, and tasks/services below), and your ABN by September 13th.



Excellent interpersonal skills

Excellent computer skills

Familiarity with publication processes

Excellent writing skills

Experience with providing training

Experience working within a not-for-profit volunteer organisation

Experience working with volunteers and government staff

Understanding of, and passion for, Wildcare Inc and its activities


Main tasks/services

  1. Write, compile and coordinate production and distribution of Wildtimes, and other publications. This includes working with a volunteer designer and volunteer proof-readers, and coordinating printing, on-line distribution and postal distribution.
  2. Write news articles for the Wildcare website and for the Wildcare facebook page
  3. Assist new branches with formation processes.
  4. Provide support to the Wildcare Office volunteers to ensure that their tasks (member database entries, email correspondence, phone enquiry response) are completed efficiently.
  5. Use the Wildcare website database for:
  • member communications and
  • grant tracking
  1. Support the Branch Presidents by:
  • Letting them know about funding opportunities,
  • Providing training sessions for using the website for member management and communications, event recruitment, posting events on the website calendar.
  1. With the assistance of the volunteers in the Wildcare Office:
  • Undertake President health checks (phoning them all and asking them key questions),
  • On-going web-site development in consultation with the web provider,
  • Manage the on-line shop sales (packing and posting)


Note: This is not open to application from overseas.