Introducing Alexandra Wise

I’m very happy to be on board with Wildcare and looking forward to getting my teeth into the financial side of things……..so bear with me while I find my feet!

It was never clear to me what I wanted to be when I grew up, but in 2005 after many years of different jobs, I graduated up with a B.Com, Grad Dip Chartered Accounting and have absolutely loved accounting since!   I started with a 4 year stint with a big accounting firm in Hobart then moved on to work in finance at Hydro Tasmania for 9 years.  I particularly loved being able to talk with employees and line managers about their finances, how they can make a difference to their results and what reporting they would like to see to help with their decision making.

When my position at Hydro was made redundant in 2014 I decided to make the switch from large industry to working for myself with small business as a bookkeeper and accountant. My primary reason for this was to have yet more contact with people and specifically those in small business helping them to get their accounts in order from the ground up.

Back to Wildcare.………I’m planning on making payments to people around the 4th or 5th of each month and then again around the 18th or 19th of each month.  It will be helpful if you send your requests for payment via your Branch Presidents or Treasurers so I can tick off my side of things.  And an explanation of any acronyms would be welcome too – at least for the first few months

I’m sure I’ll be very busy keeping up with all the activity that the dedicated members of Wildcare generate…….I have a bit of catch-up to get on with……. but please let me know if I can do anything to facilitate you getting your numbers shipshape.