Join Wildcare’s Friends of larapuna Coast for three days of shared learning and helping conserve this spectacular coastline by removing sea spurge and marine debris.

Enjoy walking the coastline between wukalina / Mt William NP. and Ansons Bay, removing sea spurge and marine debris along the way. We’ll take time to share stories and hear from local experts. There are 4 walks to chose from over 3 days.

FRIDAY 13 AUGUST – 13 km walk along the coast between Stumpys Bay and Deep Creek.

SATURDAY 14 AUGUST – a 6 km or 9 km walk along the larapuna coast to Eddystone Point where we’ll have afternoon tea, share stories and learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of this special place.

SUNDAY 15 AUGUST – a 7 km walk along Abbotsbury Beach.

Go to this Eventbrite link for more information. Ticket sales available from 9am Monday 26th July.