It’s that time of the year again – Christmas, and I hope that some of you are heading off to some of Tasmania’s Christmas locations like…

  • Christmas Beach
  • Christmas Cove
  • Christmas Creek
  • Christmas Hills

or even Christmas Marsh, rock, track, village, bay or island!


If you don’t know where any of these places are, then its a good reason to make a New Years resolution to join Friends of GIS branch and learn all about mapping. Plus, if you are ever sent to any of these locations to collect some data we can also help out with that as well. Bring along your laptop and mouse on the second Tuesday each month and join others in learning the dark arts of GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Book these calendar dates – January 10th,  February 14th and March 14th to become spatially aware.

See you in the New Year (maybe at New Year Bay, Hill, Island, Plain, Valley or lake!)