Wildcare Tasmania is powered by our supporting volunteers and donors and every single one of them has a unique story.

When a donation came into the Orange bellied parrot cause of our Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund accompanied by a note – ‘a birthday gift for my son Alex’ we decided to find out more, and got in touch with Alex’s mum Lisa, who kindly shared:

“We were so thrilled to have raised $500 for the orange- bellied parrots  – my son Alex is a bird lover and a Tasmania lover, so the two blended together well for this birthday treat. The driving force behind the idea was his girlfriend Jaycie, she organised the whole secret group friends page and kept it from Alex until we presented him with a certificate she had made, and also one artistic friend had created a beautiful drawing of the parrots for him. Alex is a kind, gentle soul who turned 28 and said he didn’t need anything but a donation to a wild animal charity would be great, so the idea bloomed from that conversation.”

We then followed up with Jaycie who added:

“Alex Perry is a graphic designer and illustrator who LOVES birds, bright colours, and Tasmania, so when he discovered the orange-bellied parrot and learned about its critically endangered status, it was a cause he expressed passion for. When he insisted he didn’t want any gifts for his August birthday, I decided to organise a secret fundraiser inviting Alex’s family and friends to make a donation to Wildcare Tasmania (or a creative project inspired by the bird) for the orange-bellied parrot recovery efforts and other wildlife causes. He was deeply heartened by everyone’s contributions, totalling over $400 and including some beautiful artwork which he intends to have framed.”

Lisa told us that she is so proud to have raised such a wonderful human who wanted to help save the parrots.

Well, Wildcare is proud too, to count Lisa, Jaycie, Alex and their friends amongst our supporters.

Happy birthday Alex.