Private: Friends of Claytons House

A Treasure for Clayton’s Corner

Roaring 40s Kayaking recently sponsored a project for Friends of Melaleuca: producing a facsimile of a visitors book dating from 1950 to 1995. This is a treasured slice of Port Davey history.

The book contains names of boats and people, and comments from visitors to Clyde and Win Clayton’s isolated little home in Port Davey, Southwest Tasmania. The book begins at Bond Bay in 1950 and follows on as the Claytons moved to Clayton’s Corner in Bathurst Harbour, and on to their retirement from Port Davey.

Roaring 40s Kayaking sponsored scanning and printing of the original by Fuji Xerox in Hobart. The facsimile will be kept at Clayton’s Corner for visitors to enjoy, while the original will eventually be lodged in the Tasmanian Archives.

Roaring 40s Kayaking, which operates kayaking adventures in Port Davey, has sponsored Friends of Melaleuca in previous years with two information panels for the Deny King Heritage Museum at Melaleuca. One was about the Orange-bellied Parrot, and the other about the local moorland habitat.

Thankyou Roaring 40s Kayaking!