Friends of Melaleuca WILDCARE

The COVID-19 lock-down has given some Wildcare Friends of Melaleuca members time for reflection and creativity. Rob Banfield, still dreaming of Melaleuca, wrote this poem inspired by the recent working bee.

 Melaleuca sunrise      


At least that’s what she’s called now.
We wonder about her name when the ice crept down…

Sun dazzles expectant eyes
As they soar in from distant skies

Will this place, again, mark each one?
Or will some skedaddle into the western sun?

He said they would return when waters were imbibed
Deep words that her sage carefully scribed

Leaden sky, foaming water, a string of island jewels
A sudden blaze of white, locals …and … their tools

What draws them back to this special place?
Spirit, mutual care … escape from the race?

Toil and laughter fills the whispering plains
But, she can turn … crack, flash and fill those sedgy drains.

Side by side they rally against relentless moist decay
Shining, strengthening, renewing …day after day

Day trippers quicken her pulse
Seeking pure wilderness, shy parrot, wild release

Time stops here
Days gently disappear

Sun, suds and bracing water
Sponsor long nights of restful slumber

She has drilled deep under their calloused skin
Refreshed, re-centred , pure spirit in the wind

Her mantle polished anew
They turn and wish her adieu

Content from their gentle attention
She plans her next seduction

(Rob Banfield, 2020)

Photographers – from left to right
Line 1 – Archie Donley, Archie Donley, Rik Head
Line 2 – David Mitchell, Andy Johnson, Rob Banfield
Line 3 – Peter Marmion, Rik Head, Rik Head