Friends of Freycinet

(In Colourful Freycinet) 

It was no ordinary PWS structure.  A team of architectural students designed it.

We think the brief was to put as many fiddly bits on it as possible, and then paint it in 3 colours, green, blue and purple.  It is the cutest outdoor theatre projection box around.  It took 4 of us 2 1/2 days to paint it inside and out, but first we had to clear it out.  It was filled with old projection and other electrical gear, cords, film canisters, and just plain old rubbish.  It looked very swish when we finished and we think the Disco Rangers would enjoy giving their presentations from it during the summer.  Then again, they do not use that technology anymore so we will just enjoy looking at it and hearing parents try to explain to their kids what it was used for.


Were we painted out?  Not quite.  For an encore we painted inside the Honeymoon Bay toilet and the 2 Friendly Beaches toilets.

Freshening up the paint work in historic Mt Kate hut   

After that it did came as a relief to do some trackside trimming at Sleepy Bay, Richardsons Beach and at Friendly Beaches, not to mention a complete hacking of the horrid heath at Harveys Farm Rd, pulling Boneseed and Sweet Pittosporum at Whalers Lookout, and removing some Psoralea in Coles bay.

We had the use of a PWS Ford Ranger for the week.  Getting it into reverse is quite an art but our intrepid leader managed it 2 times out of 3 in the end.  At least he managed to avoid those dreaded FBRs.

Unfortunately the leader was suddenly called away 1 day early but the team were so well trained that they carried on magnificently—-and who knows? They were probably better off without him!

Our time at Freycinet was made memorable by the wonderful hospitality provided by Adrian Sullivan  who made his home available for the week (address withheld), made us copious proper pots of tea (his kettle, called Linda, got a real workout), and for whom nothing was too much trouble.  Thanks heaps friend.

The whole program was put together by Ranger Fiona Everts who got all the necessary work materials together and even helped us paint some of those fiddly bits!  Fee, you are fabulous!

Dave Harris