Friends of Freycinet

The Freycinet Centenary Festival was held from the 27th to the 29th of August and was very successful and well organized. Although we did not get huge numbers due mainly to the fact that it was a 3 hour (or more) trip from the major population centres, those who made the trip and the locals who attended enjoyed the many activities.

The Friends of Freycinet Wildcare Branch was well represented and our stall at the Festival hub looked a treat with our ‘you beaut’ banners and a great selection of photos on display boards done by Trauti and David Reynolds. We also displayed Wildcare banners including a very large one that was put up on the front of the Community hall. We had a number of people who were interested in our group and in Wildcare generally.

On the Monday the Centenary plaque was unveiled and a large cake was cut. This day involved kids from the local schools who also had a large display in the PWS Visitors Centre. Dave Harris accepted a large donation from Chloe Grace-Baker, a student at the Swansea Primary School who wished the money to be spent on Save the Whales.  We will Chloe and thank you for your initiative in collecting this money. Chloe is young, but she cares!