Bruny Island Quarantine Station Volunteer Caretaker Summer Program

September 2017 to May 2018 



About Bruny Island Quarantine Station

The Quarantine Station consists of a peninsula of 128 hectares extending into Barnes Bay at Bruny Island. Although a peninsula the Station looks and feels like an island.


The people of the Nuenonne Aboriginal Tribe were the traditional owners of Bruny Island, Van Diemen’s Land including the land now occupied by the station.

Eras of the Quarantine Station are:

  • Pre 1830 – Traditional owners
  • 1856-1884 European settlement
  • 1884-1908 State quarantine
  • 1908-2002 Commonwealth quarantine includes:
    • 1914 – German prisoner of war internment
    • 1919 – Influenza pandemic
    • 1950s -1968 Plant quarantine
  • 2003 – State Government responsibility Parks and Wildlife Service
  • 2011 – Friends of Bruny Island Quarantine Station formed as a group for the purpose of: “Support the management, conservation and public appreciation of the Bruny Island Quarantine Station”.


Program Dates and Duration – check out our Branch Page for the application form. 

Volunteer Caretaker Duties will include:

  • Opening the gates to the site and displaying welcoming flags at gate and jetty area on days when site is open;
  • Meeting and greeting visitors and providing information about the Station;
  • Monitoring and recording visitor numbers and impact and conduct visitor surveys if required;
  • Maintaining an obvious presence to protect the site from inappropriate behaviour by visitors and communicating with PWS Bruny Island on any issues of concern;
  • Carrying out minor maintenance tasks as identified in the approved work program;
  • Acting as first response in the event of emergency and make room for communication hub if needed;
  • Reporting issues such safety hazards and bushfire risk to PWS Bruny Island staff including display of Total Fire Ban sign when required; and
  • Other tasks identified and appropriate to the capacity of individual Volunteer Caretakers.


How to Apply

If you are interested in taking part in the Volunteer Caretaker Program, complete the Application Form included with this information package. Please be aware that completion of the application form does not guarantee a place on the program.

Closing Date

Applications for the initial placements in the Program will close on Friday 4th August 2017.

Further information – check out the application on our Branch page