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Lighthouses of Tasmania 2016 calenar

Lighthouses of Tasmania 2016 calendar

 Spectacular 2016 Lighthouses of Tasmania Calendar

 an all Tasmanian production

“The condition of the Service is favourable.  Extensive renewals of plant and equipment are required at some of the light-houses.  ….  Some of the light-keepers are far above the age at which a man may be termed able-bodied.

Commander CRW Brewis, RN

In 1911 former British naval officer, Commander CRW Brewis, toured Tasmania as part of an inspection of all Australia’s lighthouses prior to the Commonwealth taking control from the States in 1915.  He had close Tasmanian connections, having settled in Tasmania in 1910 following his marriage to Corrie Jeanette, daughter of local businessman and member of the Legislative Assembly, William Crosby.

Commander Brewis’ report, completed in April 1912, covered all existing lighthouses and made recommendations for new ones.  Friends of Tasman Island’s 10th calendar in the series Lighthouses of Tasmania features some of these lighthouses in a celebration of one hundred years of Commonwealth management of navigational aids in Australia.

Working in partnership with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, the Friends of Tasman Island are a group of dedicated volunteers, carrying out many hundreds of hours of work each year towards the restoration and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Tasman Island.

The calendar is an all Tasmanian production.  Thanks to sponsorship from the Cascade Brewery Company, Australian Maritime Systems and Wildcare Inc the Lighthouses of Tasmania calendar is a major fundraiser.

Now a collectors’ item, the 2016 calendar is now available in selected book shops, newsagents and other local stores round the State.  Or you can place your order by emailing friendsoftasmanisland@gmail.comFor only $25 (including postage and packaging) you can purchase this superb, limited edition calendar and know that you are helping to support ongoing work on Tasman Island.

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