Wildcare Tasmania is reviewing how it operates the Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund (its fund for tax-deductible donations). We would welcome your views to help us operate the fund in future.

We’ve set out in this Issues Paper the areas where we would really value your thoughts.

You can send through your views on all or any of these areas to office@wildcaretas.org.au.

Alternatively, you could fill out this short (5min) survey on some of these areas. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us on ph: 03 6165 4230.

Please send us your views — in writing and/or via the survey — by 9th February 2024.

After this, we’ll be releasing a package of proposed changes to how the Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund operates. You’ll then have another opportunity to provide feedback.

Thank you for your time, we really appreciate your input.

The Wildcare Tasmania Board