Private: Wildcare Friends of Bonorong


We receive some interesting calls in the Wildcare Office, from people seeking assistance with orphaned or injured animals. Fortunately, there are several Wildcare Branches devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of these animals and a 24 hour Wildlife Rescue Service provided by Bonorong that provides around the clock care and advice for injured native wildlife.

As with the Sanctuary and Wildlife Hospital, this rescue service has, until now, been funded through Sanctuary admissions and donations.

Bonorong is one of twelve causes that Wildcare collects donations for through its Gift Fund and we are thrilled to announce that $40,000 has recently been released by the Wildcare Gift Fund Committee to Bonorong to boost the 24-hour rescue phone service.

Two wombats – Kellie Lovell

Director of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Greg Irons says “Calls to the Bonorong wildlife service have been increasing dramatically in recent years. There are also increasing expenses to treat the wildlife that comes in through the service, means that funding for the phone is crucial and will free up much needed funds to use elsewhere, such as in the vet service in the wildlife hospital.

CEO Sharon Smith says “A big thank you to everyone that donated to the Wildcare Gift Fund. Tasmania’s wildlife needs our help and the Bonorong rescue service do a wonderful job. Wildcare is about helping people make practical and positive contributions to Tasmania’s environment and this is an example of that. ’”

This is an ongoing effort and more funds are always needed. People can help directly by making a tax deductible donation to the Wildcare Gift Fund.

Bandicoot Joeys – Linda Lever

Wildcare Friends of Bonorong rescue, care for and release wildlife that is injured or orphaned, and raise awareness of wildlife welfare and conservation in the community. They also run Tasmania’s first wildlife-only veterinary hospital.

Please note: this group is for those who have completed Bonorong’s Wildlife Rescue Program Training only. This training is free and is held regularly – you can find out more on the Bonorong website. You will be added to this branch when you have completed your training.