Thank you to those who have joined our branch to receive messages and updates, we greatly appreciate your interest.
We’re currently working on developing a volunteer program but this may not be ready until things are a little less busy. However, volunteers will be asked to assist with laundry (more about that in a moment) and cleaning, among other tasks.
Currently we have 12 penguins in care.
There’s Dodger, Sir Stanley Bigfoot, P7 (AKA the pool monster) and the nine orphan chicks from Doctors Rocks in Wynyard. Find out more about each at our adoption page.
The rescued orphan penguin chicks are at a particularly poopy stage of development and we desperately need some laundry warriors. Laundry warriors pick up (from Burnie), wash and dry one or two loads of towels, and return them the next day.
The towels have been pressure hosed and soaked in bleach already (so don’t smell offensive and are not a health risk). You may need to wring them out before transporting them. After that, they just need a hot machine wash (no detergent) and to be hung or tumble dried.
If you live reasonably close to Burnie and are able to help out one or more times a week, please email We’ll set you on the path to true laundry warrior status and you’ll help us with our 500+ towels to wash per fortnight! Also, clean towels help to keep our penguins healthy and free from foot infection.