The the thought  of carrot cake and a sausage sizzle at Narawantapu captured the imagination of 25 of my Monday walking group. The eagerness with which they arrived with an array of implements was a sight to behold.

My aim was to introduce and educate them  to the work Wildcare Friends of Narawantapu had been doing with the extermination of sea spurge in the park.  Taking time to tour around the 2 sites we had mainly concentrated on during the passed 12 months, a safety discussion and a question and answer session we were well and truly ready for action.

The choices were; a heavy duty work site or, the light duty work place. The decision based around types of tools brought along and the age and  agility of the ” worker bees”. Much chatter and laughter they headed off.

2 hours later job done! A difficult area had been cleared. Spurge piled up to impress and the worker bees had learned a lot about the sea spurge plant. With the promise of carrot cake and a sausage thrown on a BBQ I found it to be a very successful way to have fun with friends, educate and maybe encourgage them to help out again in the future.

The next work session at Narawantapu will be 15th December, 2017 – check it out on the Wildcare calendar

Come along as I am sure PWS will have some interesting tasks for us. See the calendar for details.

Contact: email:  if you are ever interested to help at Narawantapu NP