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Inglewood Gorse


Morning break at Inglewood
It was a mild day but the wind did get strong enough to blow off hats and tip over our packets of biscuits during our morning coffee break.  It used to be morning tea, but now that the City of Hobart bushcare office supplies a fresh brew of coffee, that   name no longer fits. Anyway the wind was instrumental in moving our work from under the big trees in the bush out to an open area.
The most recent attempt to resume clearing Gorse at Inglewood had been thwarted by wet weather and in the meantime the Cornelian Bay Bushcare had spent time working on the site. So instead of having to continue where we left off there was a nice big gap cleared of weeds and this has now been expanded further by todays effort.
A ribbon of Gorse in the middle of the fire break had been sprayed a couple of years ago but there were quite a number of big bushes that had either recovered or been missed and it was these we tackled after the break and managed to clear them all. Their bright yellow flowers are no more.
Ribbon of Gorse in open location before being finished
Open area after work completed


On checking through the site we found what is to us a mystery. Within the bush a recently cut track was noticed, including chainsawn trees. It wasn’t followed but seemed to lead through Cascade land towards Strickland Avenue.  One of trees cut has slid whilst being cut and is now leaning against other trees creating hazard. We thought it might be someone making a bike track, but the very next morning I received a map of the CoH hazard reduction plan showing the area down for a programmed burn, so maybe this is for the burn line, and enquiries have confirmed it is a fire line put in by the Tas fire Service.
cut track heading off towards Strickland Avenue.

More photos at this link.