Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

Soon after entering the Montrose Fire Trail there is a slope which once had a proliferation of Boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera). It is listed as a declared weed and the Friends of Wellington Park obtained two days of work from a group from Conservation Volunteers. This was in 2013 and FOWP worked with them and then did follow up work in 2014. A control burn was performed in the area in 2018 and today was the first time we had returned to the area.

Commencing from the western end of the site, we commenced a line search as best we could in the conditions and for most of the length very little Boneseed was found. Unfortunately, as the group is currently barred from using herbicide any that could not be pulled out had to be marked for subsequent treatment. The first 300 metres proved to be fairly free of the weed, but from that point on there was a huge swathe of it and a lot were large bushes. Glenorchy Council will have this Boneseed and a nearby patch of Mullein treated by contractors. At least our work pinpointed where this work was needed.


The next event will be on 5 October see the Wildcare calendar.

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