Boxthorn Burn Off at Shark Point

On Saturday 10th July we met at Shark Point to burn the Boxthorn we had painstakingly cut and poisoned over the past 3 months. Thanks to the kindness of  Gerrard, a local resident who lives right next to the main thicket, we were able to burn off on his patch.

We followed all the required protocol for a burn off by contacting the TFS, filling numerous forms….. and by registering the burn off on the day. All went swimmingly well.

In fact later, when assessing the remainder of material from the shore, we were blessed by a close encounter with a feeding fur seal swimming by!!!!

We shared all sorts of yummy food:  cake, cheese and crackers, hot drinks. Gerrard also had cooked sausage rolls for us!

I think we all felt a good deal of satisfaction from clearing the huge amount of spiny invasive shrubs.

Well done again team!!!


The fire is alight. Dave, Allan and Orlando watch and wait to add more material.


Bob and Dave supervising.


Warming up on a frosty morning on Gerrard’s beautiful banks.


Hauling loads of Boxthorn from the bank below. Kathy, Gill and Mona.

Team work makes the job possible. Gill, Mona, Kathy and Dave.

Happy team of well coordinated people. Gill, Pam and Mona.

Gradually the loads are carried up the bank,piece by spiny piece. Gill, Mona, Kathy and Dave.

Wranglers dragging material to the fire. Adil, Bob and Ingrid.

Boxthorn has been gradually cleared away by cutting, pasting and removal.

Kathy, Allan, Ansaf, Georgie, Bob, Orlando, Jean, Pam and Adil on the shore at Shark Point.

Others working that day included Mona and Dave, Gillian and Ingrid.