In January 2016, Macquarie Harbour was simultaneously attacked by several small fires. The one at Goulds Point at the tip of Farm Cove exposed the farm used by Sarah Island Convicts circa 1825.

After those fires were extinguished, each time we’d sail past those burnt hills we wondered what historical treasures might be revealed. A few other members of the Friends of Macquarie Harbour held a similar view and together we mounted an expedition to find the farm last in use nearly 200 years ago.

the farm at Farm Cove

Stormbreaker anchored next to the farm at Farm Cove

We have produced a video clip of our adventure and discoveries. Finding not only where, in 1828, Thomas James Lempriere painted his landscape of the farm, we also found what appears to be a man-made drain, a large dam and suitable site for the “substantial stone building.”

Finding the Farm in Farm Cove from JACKandJUDE

One of the best results from such a monumental outing, besides actually witnessing where our people worked and struggled 200 years earlier, but it was the wonderful regeneration of Earth that most affected us. Seeing this magnificent creation in “full speed ahead” gave us hope that Earth just might survive the poor handling of her people.

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