WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers

Did you know a group of wombats is called a wisdom?


In partnership with Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers staff a wombat monitoring program at Cradle Mountain.

On the last Saturday of each month, 2-3 volunteers walk transects in the hours preceding sunset to collect data on the local population of Common Wombats (Vombatus ursinus).

Abundance is measured at two high visitation sites (at the Ronny Creek boardwalk, and along Cradle Mountain Road) to help assess whether increased visitation is having an impact on wombat numbers.

Following initial training, volunteers score the wombats on their general body condition, whether or not they have young, and also look out for any signs of sarcoptic mange. The monthly data is reported to the Wildlife Management Branch of DPIPWE as part of their statewide Wombat Monitoring Program.

This is a fun way to spend an evening at Cradle Mountain, in the company of some of it’s cutest inhabitants, and basic accommodation in Cradle Valley can be organised (subject to availability).

For details, contact James, the Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers wombat monitoring coordinator via wildcarecradle@gmail.com



Article and photos above are by James Stone.

The photos below were sent in by Lambert van Essen