WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers

Warm welcome at Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre

Ever arrived at a holiday destination, maybe in a foreign country, not sure what to do and where to go? Or do you remember those anticipatory “ butterflies” when starting a new role, be it for work or as a volunteer.  A warm welcome can make all the difference.

Wildcare Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre volunteers have once again been present at the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre from Christmas to February supporting the Parks service staff on days which have seen record-breaking numbers of visitors. Some visitors arrive well researched and prepared, others know little about what they will experience. There falls the important role of our volunteers who visitors appreciate chatting to about the National Park and their intentions.


WCMV group members Rosanne and Jan signed up as Visitor Centre volunteers for the first time this year. The warm welcome from the Visitor Centre staff and appreciation from the visitors made a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.  They promise to be back!

“Rosanne and I had a great time volunteering at the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre (VC) for four days in February. We have both hiked the bush walking tracks around Cradle and Tassie for years and this volunteering opportunity afforded us the privilege of sharing what we know and have experienced of our beautiful Cradle Mountain. With hundreds of visitors coming into the visitor centre each day the very welcoming staff at the VC were openly appreciative of our assistance and it was a pleasure to spend time with them all.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We were lucky to be accommodated at the endearing little Mt Kate House for the entirety of our stay and our thanks go to the Wildcare Volunteers and Parks for the comfort measures now provided in this cute little historic place. It truly is a privilege to stay within these walls and wake to the view of Cradle Mountain through the ‘long room’ windows.                                                                         


Staying at Mt Kate House was ideal for us given the beautiful weather we experienced we didn’t miss a chance towalk. Most days we walked from Ronny Creek along the boardwalk to the visitor centre for our few hours of volunteering and back to Mt Kate, a total of around 14 km, so our ‘devices’ told us. The scenery along the boardwalk is just beautiful.


 Thank you Wildcare for this wonderful opportunity which provided as much for us personally as what we gave. Thank you also for the wonderful welcome from the VC staff 😊

 Rosanne and Jan


Thanks to all 16 Wildcare Cradle Mountain volunteers who signed up to help once again at the Visitor Centre. The Visitor Centre volunteer roster operates from Christmas to early February each year and is advertised on the Wildcare Event Calendar.