WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers

In the 17th and 18th centuries the area of Greater London known as Hounslow Heath was famous as a tract of land crossed by major roads and horse-drawn carriages that were often the subject of attention of highwaymen brandishing pistols. This is in stark contrast to Cradle Valley’s Hounslow Heath Circuit that, as a Grade 4 walking track, is limited to a width of half a metre and is to offer a suitable challenge to those people with previous bushwalking experience. However, it still needs to be maintained – parts of the track were quite overgrown and required some significant pruning.

Track Pruning, Maryland TrackThe weather may have tried its hardest to stop us previously, but over the last weekend in November ten hardy souls braved the elements to try to get the job completed. Saturday still tested us with icy winds but some good progress was made.

In the evening, most of us also assisted Ranger Taylor with a wombat survey at both Ronny Creek and near Peppers Lodge. We didn’t see any with mange-like symptoms which was a bonus.

On Sunday the weather gods blessed us and it was sunny and warm. Half the group went back to Hounslow Heath and the others erected snow poles on the Dove Canyon Track.

Track Pruning, Hounslow Heath_Track Pruning, Hounslow Heath_Track Pruning, Hounslow Heath

Erecting Snow Poles on the Dove Canyon Track

Erecting Snow Poles on the Dove Canyon Track

We still have about 300 m of the Hounslow Heath Circuit to complete but one more day should do it. It will be a fantastic effort to have it all done.

Great weekend, much achieved, many laughs. Thanks to all participants for your tireless help.