WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers

At last, on the third attempt, the Hounslow Heath Circuit track has been pruned back. We started this in October last year, got snowed under, literally and had to leave it unfinished. The second attempt got a lot further but there was so much to do it needed another supreme effort on the 6th May.

We had a fantastic turnout with 14 people participating over the weekend. The last few hundred metres were cut back in one day, including a small section of dense forest. The weather wasn’t kind and we had to contend with rain and cold wind. Never fear, we battled on.

Jenny, Maryland Track

Jenny working on the Maryland Track

Hounslow Heath Circuit Working Bee

Last part of Hounslow Heath Circuit to be pruned – between the flags

One small group commenced the mapping of the wombat burrows in the vicinity of Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Taylor had organised for us to continue with the wombat survey at Ronny Creek and near Cradle Mountain Lodge that evening. Once again it was cold and rainy.

On Sunday we awoke to three or so inches of snow and a nasty, blustery wind. It was too unpleasant and probably dangerous to try flagging the Pencil Pine Track.  Some people continued with the wombat mapping project: at least 36 burrows were located and GPS readings recorded. And we won’t mention the leeches…

Lauren Investigating Wombat Burrow

Lauren investigating a wombat burrow

Wombat Burrows Map, Knyvet Falls

Wombat burrows, Knyvet Falls track region (red dots)

Another group spent Sunday morning collecting rubbish around the Dove Lake Circuit. Disappointingly, a large amount of rubbish was gathered even though the area had been cleaned only a few weeks before. Lots of tissues, plastic bottles, cigarette butts, a disposable nappy and wrappers. Some items had been accidentally dropped but many were stashed or thrown over the boardwalk. The people out walking were very appreciative of our efforts and in disbelief as to why other people would want to trash the place.

Collecting Rubbish under Boardwalk, Ballroom Forest

Rodney & Michael collecting rubbish under boardwalk, Ballroom Forest

Julie, Michael & Rodney collecting rubbish at Dove Lake

Julie, Michael & Rodney collecting rubbish at Dove Lake

Thank you to the volunteers who made the effort to work over the weekend and a special thank you to Taylor for doing a great job organising everything.

Stay tuned for the next instalment from the Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers.