WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers

We’ve been repainting the place:



Pruning the tracks:



Repairing the boardwalk wire:



Rebuilding the fence (at the Mt Kate Hut):



Revegetating some degraded areas (near Lake Lea and the helipad):



Taking the boat for a spin (transporting materials on Dove Lake) :


Checking on the neighbours (monitoring the wombats):


Plus a hundred other things (that we didn’t have time to photograph):


Many thanks to all the hard working volunteers, Rhys (PWS Ranger) and Jenna & Steve (PWS Volunteer Coordinators), who organised us during our fifth annual Cradle Valley Spring Volunteer Program:


Now we have the Valley ready for all of you to come and visit during 2019. Happy New Year from the Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers and friends.

And if you’re interested in working with us this year you can join our Branch here.


Special thanks to all the photographers that contributed their work.