WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers

Described as a year like no other, here’s 2020 as it turned out for Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers.

Due to the  March arrival of COVID-19 in Tasmania, Branch activities came to a sudden halt just as volunteer teams were scheduled to conduct wombat monitoring and assist with the mass plant-out around the new Visitor Centre site. Thanks to the dedicated Branch members, the support from PWS Volunteer Co-ordinator, Jenna Huisman, the Wildcare Office, and the committed partnership with PWS Cradle Mountain, Wildcare Cradle Mountain were able to return to volunteering in October and conduct a very successful 3 week long Spring-Bee in November.

JANUARY-Visitor Centre “Meet and Greet” Program

Transit Centre

FEBRUARY– Lake St Clair trackworker working bee


MARCH-Clean-up Australia Day combined event with Discovery Parks


APRIL, MAY–  Members hung up their uniforms and kept COVID-safe and busy with their own home-bee.

JUNE–  Zooming became the new norm for Wildcare meetings

JULY, AUGUST– Volunteer COVID Induction and DPIPWE Volunteer Registration forms were completed by members in preparation for a return to volunteering.


SEPTEMBER– WCMV Executive members met with Volunteer Co-ordinator Jenna and Cradle PWS staff to re-negotiate the Volunteer Program Plan.


OCTOBER– Returned to Cradle! A warm return was received from PWS staff for the AGM and working bee. Wombat monitoring recommenced.


NOVEMBER– The “Spring Bee”which was held over a period of 3 weeks, saw 22 volunteers spring into action and complete an incredible list of jobs and contribute 636 volunteer hours.






DECEMBER–  Visitor Centre Volunteer Program cancelled for this summer season due to COVID social-distancing requirements.


That’s the end for now but WCMV will be back in 2021 .wombat joey :James Stone

Wombat joey. Photo: James Stone

Photos from WCMV Photo collection supplied by volunteers.