Tall Trees Walk – Mt Field National Park

The sounds of people talking, the soft wind through the trees and the crunch of people’s feet as they scuff their way through the long strips of bark lining the Tall Trees walk.

On Monday 11th March 2019, 34 people led by the Get Outside Leader Sara were taken for a walk through the Tall Trees at Mt Field National Park. The people came from mixed heritages including China, Nepal, Ethiopia and Sudan. “Taking walks through this forest is very rewarding” said Sara, the Get Outside leader of the walk. “ I like watching people looking up at the tops of the tall trees and seeing them amaze at the sight” she said.

“For many people this is the first time they have been in a Tasmanian forest said Jodie Epper – Coordinator of the Get Outside program. “Many of us Tasmanians have been lucky enough to have access to these national parks all our lives, we visit them on holidays and camp in them when we are kids. Migrants and refugees new to this state need to be escorted to these natural places, to be shown around, given information about them , what you can and cannot do in them, and of course have the time to fall in love with them” she said.



A discovery table is a great way for people new to Tasmania to learn about the plants and animals.