On day three of the Get Outside leadership camp, the new leaders try out their skills in leading a group for the first time. The leaders introduce themselves and their walk to a group of walkers. They have to point out safety issues to be aware of (eg staying on the track, having a safety person at the front and the back of the group, trips and falls). They have to be aware of body language, have to have great communication skills and be knowledgeable about the walk they are going on. All of this to remember – and doing it in a new language! The leaders did an awesome job. The walk to the painted cliffs was relaxing, i learnt a lot from the leaders.

” This was my first time I have ever done something like this – I am proud of what i have achieved” said one leader,

” That was so scary – but also fun and I have learnt so much” said another.

Leadership is a skill that can be learnt, it needs to tried on like a new pair of shoe. It gets easier and more comfortable as you practise it. I am proud of the new generation of Wildcare leaders that we are developing in the Get Outside team and I am looking forward to this summer – where they will get opportunities to practise their new skills.