Every year the Get Outside Program runs a leadership camp to develop the skills of our emerging leaders. Get Outside leaders provide community access, role models to people in their communities, lead walks or assist us in many of the organising tasks required to take new migrants and refugees out into nature safely.

This years leadership camp was held at Ben Lomond National Park and showed a great collaboration between staff of the Parks and Wildlife Service (notably Sophie King and Tracey -Ann) and Wildcare’s Get Outside Coordinator Jodie Epper.

16 leaders, 1 bus driver, 1 yoga teacher, 2 rangers and I stayed in a small scout hut on the mountain for three days. I enjoyed  watching the transformation into leadership by the young people. Many games were had ( we learn through playing) many walks were taken ( the weather was marginal but we did our best) and lots of opportunities were given for the young people to learn by watching and then by doing.

Yoga and reflective writing were also activities conducted throughout the weekend as ways to relax and connect to nature. “I have never done yoga in a shipping container on top of a mountain in a blizzard before” said the teacher, “neither have I” was my  reply.  The young leaders found both of these activities worth while and a great way to connect to nature.

Here are some of the texts received after the trip –

“Thank you it was enjoyable”                      “Fantastic weekend”

“Amazing the best experience ever”          “My weekend was amazing”

“It was good, I really enjoyed and thanks to the organiser team that made this program for us to have fun and the best weekend and thanks for your hard working”