The Get Outside Wildcare Branch held their first outing of the year to the beautiful Fortescue Bay. Fifty- five people in total came for the day mostly young people aged between fifteen and twenty -five. The day was spent enjoying the beach, each other, walking, burying people in the sand, soccer, swimming and fishing.


Some of the young women from Ethiopia, who had only recently arrived in the State had never seen the sea before – they were pretty excited when they got to see fifteen dolphins frolicking in the bay. The Get Outside Wildcare Branch takes people whom are newly arrived into the natural parts of Tasmania, into local reserves and parks, and to meet with and spend time with locals – with an aim for connection with people and place.


The Get Outside Leaders (who have been trained by the program last year) were a very important part of the activities. The leaders took 4 different walks including a lagoon walk, a beach walk, and a rock pool walk. The group also had the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal culture from some local indigenous people (thank you).


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