Most people who have recently arrived in Tasmania have heard all about our amazing animals – but sadly they don’t get to see them as the animals mostly come out at night. Recently on a trip to Maria Island 15 people got a guided night tour and were lucky to see many animals. . It was scary being out in the bush at night for some people but we were all rewarded with seeing wombats, wallabies, kangaroos and devils in the dark. Thanks so much to Ranger Tracy- Ann who guided us safely through the dark. We learnt about how to look for animals using a torch with a red lamps so not to hurt the animals eyes. We also learnt that it’s best to be quiet if we want to see or hear the animals – otherwise the animals might run away. It was fun looking for bats with the bat detector (no luck this time). The Get Outside Program takes recently arrived migrants and refugees on nature based experiences in our national parks as a way to build confidence and knowledge of a new home Its a great way to learn new things and make friends.