Exploring wild places

On Saturday 20th January, Get Outside hosted a lively walk in the cool forests of Mt Field with the Karen community. The registered 50 guests blew out to over 65, so there was a quick change to a bigger bus and off to Mt Field. Flexibility is our strength!

The walk was capably led by two Get Outside leaders, Lah Paw Htay and Brutukan Melkamu. This was no mean feat given the size of the group and the number of young children. We were assisted by Paw Htoo Lei, a bi-cultural worker from Red Cross, who was also instrumental in encouraging families to join.  Having two Karen women as leaders, as well as Brutukan, gave us the ability to communicate freely, particularly with older participants. The children of course were chattering to everyone and were full  of life and energy.

After a long walk to Lady Barron Falls (long for those who were carrying small children!), we enjoyed a picnic under the trees. We were then treated to a Discovery Ranger presentation, showing us samples of Tasmanian animals. This delighted the children (thank you Emma).

On the bus trip home, we asked how people felt when they were in the bush in Tasmania. The responses matched the tired and beaming faces.

“Happy and peaceful”.

“Relaxed. ”

“I felt this place doing good for me. I feel healthy and strong (and handsome).”

“I feel happy and comfortable. It is exciting getting to know my home”.

“I like the bush. Very cool. At home it is so hot. I want to build a house in the bush!”

“Very happy. I feel like I am in my place”.