Friends of Trevallyn Reserve

The Greater Cataract Gorge: An Aboriginal Place There is a human history here over 40,000 years old.

Today the Aboriginal Community brings to this place, knowledge and understanding of how it should be managed, nurtured and enjoyed. The Greater Cataract Gorge, 632 hectares in the middle of our city is an opportunity to discover a sense of place, significant to all of us. Illuminating our stories, both ancient and new. From this place we can interpret our past and discover a deeper meaning of who we are. The primeval stories combine the powerful forces that shaped the landscape. And the ancient stories of the original owners and their engagement with the land and the water. The more recent stories are of other people who shaped, and were in turn shaped, by this place that became their home. Today’s stories describe how the Gorge is part of everyday life, influencing how we live and how we feel about living here. They are also of the experiences of those who visit our City and Island. We have all heard…’You have all this so close to your City – Remarkable!’ Connecting YOU to OUR backyard The Greater Cataract Gorge is our ‘backyard’ and wherever you are from, you’re welcome to come and play. You can walk, hike, skate, swim, climb, glide or paddle at whatever level of adventure and excitement you want. You can celebrate with friends, learn our stories, or just sit and ‘Be’. In the Greater Cataract Gorge you create your own memories and stories each and every time you connect to this special place. To read more check it out in our files on our Branch page