Friends of Tasman Island

“Excitement is the only word I can use. I considered it an honour to be chosen to join a working bee on Tasman Island and determined to make the most of my visit. The island is stunning and its continuing history an important part of Tasmania’s story.

The dedication of the volunteers always amazes and humbles me. The energy of the participants who often worked from 8am – 6pm each day despite weather was admirable. Having our meals prepared by cook extraordinaire was a treat, those meals were coupled with funny and educational discussions.

A lively, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable group. Thank you for the opportunity to join this worthwhile project.”

Lee (and Don)



Thank you Lee and Don for your dedication and application to the weeding task, a formidable initiation to Tasman Island! You succeeded brilliantly.

“My first impression of Tasman Island was one of colour. There is colour in every direction you look, from golden lichens to orange grasses, turquoise ocean to a lime green baby spider.

There are berries everywhere, and they immediately captured my attention – pink, red, blue, yellow, and purple. We have managed to identify them all except the purple one.

I am full of questions, including; “What bird is that?!”, ” Is that a thistle over there?!”, “How do you use this cordless drill?”, and “Will the skink that vanished under the fridge be tempted out with a bit of banana…?”

Fortunately, I am sharing this beautiful island with people who are as patient as they are knowledgeable, so I am learning everything I can.

I feel so privileged to be here, and to be helping to preserve this remarkable wild place.”






Photos: Amanda Thomson