World Wetlands Day 2021 celebration changes

Every year the Tamar Island Wetlands Centre (TIWC) celebrates World Wetlands Day on 2 February with an all-day event at the wetlands.

This year they will celebrate in quite a different way.

On 2 February the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) will launch a range of activities for visitors to complete in their own time throughout the month at the Tamar Wetlands. For more details, please keep an eye on the PWS website and thier social media pages @tasmaniaparks.

TIWC operating hours are Wednesday – Sunday between 10am – 4pm. The PWS and Tamar Island Wetland Volunteers look forward to celebrating the World Wetlands theme “Wetlands and Water” with you throughout February.

Due to the growing popularity of previous events (over 600 people attended last year), combined with limited space at the TIWC and current COVID-19 restrictions it is not possible to hold an event in the same format. This was a difficult decision, however the health and safety of our visitors, volunteers, staff and stakeholders remain the top priority.

Tamar Island Wetlands Centre