Friends of Melaleuca WILDCARE


Melaleuca lashed with wild relentless summer rain

ferocious winds flattens button grass on the plain

Orange-Bellied Parrots fledglings leaving the nest

wondering if nature will allow survival of the rest

the rest of these endangered migrating parrots

dependent on protection of their feeding habitats


Oh, Melaleuca a hidden valley covered in morning mist unspoiled ancient landscape gateway to all this history history display generations survival in the wild

hard yakka, determination & spirit are the key

the key to immense courage for future generations

intertwined & yet free you are the wilderness for me


Oh, Melaleuca what can I possible even dream to say

you certainly got under my skin on this summer’s day

I feel like Alice in the most amazing wonderland

stepping into a book of this historic & mystic landscape

surrounded by beaut wildlife & a mining atmosphere

you are the wilderness, oh how I bow & long for thee


Oh, Melaleuca on a hot blazing & windy summers day

Fire in the Deny Kings tractor shed billowing hot coals

like a surreal Bond movie the valley in full action

helicopter, planes, tractor & bush fire brigades active

Locals, care takers, scientists, wildlife photographers,

students, tourists, fishermen, hunter & volunteers united


Oh, Melaleuca such a stunning piece of paradise disrupted

the mighty hunter disguised in his best camouflage gear

he just stood there throwing a shadow on the weir

reflecting on the history of the black Currawong

the mighty hunters rifle fired a precise & fatal shot

in honour of the flight of the Orange-Bellied Parrot


Oh, Melaleuca full of wild open spaces engraved in our hearts

standing high on Kings Knob with panoramic views

wondering about the sun’s rays so heavenly displayed

what on earth will the future of Melaleuca unfold

like the ancient boomerang we are all destined to return

return together with the Orange-Bellied Parrots


melWritten by Aase Bladt – January 2017 in Melaleuca