Friends of Melaleuca WILDCARE

Minutes Friends of Melaleuca June 2017 General Meeting
Date: Wed 14 June 2017 at DSS
Dinner 6pm
Janet opened the meeting at 7.20pm.
Rob Banfield, Andrew Boon, Imogen Burley, Jeanette Collin, Marg Cranney, Chris Creese, Janet, Geoff and Tony Fenton, Marianne Gee, Pip Gowen, Reg Grundy, Greg Hodge, Melissa Jack, Mary King, Qug McKendrick King, Ian Marmion (PWS), Jenny Scott, Erika Shankley, Mick and Helen Statham, Penny and Bob Tyson, Robyn and Roger Walker.
Stephen Anstee, Leanne Banfield, Hilary Bennell, Rona Hollingsworth, Robyn and Peter Marmion, Christine Materia, Barbara Willson, and Heidi Krajewsky, Helen Pithie, Sally Salier, Helen and Jim Thyne, Margaret Waller

Previous meeting
Minutes of meeting, 22 Sept 2016 were passed (Tony Fenton, Mick Statham)
Treasurer’s Report
Tony delivered the Treasurer’s report (Tony Fenton, Helen Statham) – passed
General business
FOOBP are organizing a defibrillator to be kept in the Troedel Shelter. It was resolved that we would contribute to the cost.
• Andrew Boon and Erika Shankley will be doing first aid training tomorrow organized by Pip Gowen through NRM South.
• Pip has extra belts available to hold weeding gear – resolved these are unnecessary for our group due to paucity of weeding required.
• Request for information on training opportunities for Wildcare volunteers in the north.
Maritime Heritage Organisations of Tasmania
A workshop was attended by Erika. The group is preparing a travelling exhibition Submerged presenting stories of Australian shipwrecks. It was resolved not to enter story from FoM but that individual members were welcomed to submit one personally if they wished.
• Janet gave an illustrated report on museum progress.
• 16 panels were installed in January. Roaring Forties were thanked for providing funding for the Moorland Habitat panel which Janet will be designing this winter. Another panel, wall case and hanging objects still to be done.
• Exterior work on the tank stand and other OBP infrastructure was completed by Craig Searle and Rob Banfield and a guard rail on the entry way by David Milne and Mick Statham.
• Books received to date have been stamped, had FoM stickers attached and covered and placed on the shelves along with some maps, pamphlets and folders on land mammals and other vertebrates compiled by Mick Statham. Cleaned quartzite rocks are currently being used as book ends but will need to be replaced as the collection grows. More folders are being compiled by volunteers.
• Propeller remains from the plane crashed at Melaleuca in 1948 are currently on display at QVMAG, Launceston, in the Ten Objects exhibition.
• Donation box: We received over $400 over the season in on site donations however the general consensus is that our current box and sign are relatively inconspicuous and unimaginative. Different ideas that blend with the area’s history/culture are being explored.

Museum launch
• To be done by Chris Tassell at MMT in the upstairs Carnegie Gallery on Friday June 30th at 5.30pm.
• Volunteers agreed to bring donated food platters –Pip Gowen, Qug McKendrick King, Robyn Marmion, Helen Statham, Penny Tyson, Rob Banfield and Robyn Walker.
• Peter Marmion to organize drinks, glass hire etc. funded by FOM.
• Two banners have been made to be placed at the entrance to the Carnegie Gallery. These are great thanks to input by a small band of editors.
• There will be a showcase with a few items on display and a continuously running power point presentation.
• Publicity; Pip and Ian offered to liaise with Janet, Stella Rodriguez, and Liz Wren (PWS media staff) to circulate information to the media. Pip and Ian will supply a list of names of appropriate PWS staff to invite.
• Donation box on the night suggested.

Working bee 2017
• Janet gave an illustrated report on the achievements of the March 2107 working bee. Her written report to PWS was tabled. Janet to email out to working be volunteers and any other interested members.
• Pip thanked Janet for the report and acknowledged the smooth planning by Janet, Geoff and Ian.
• Janet thanked Andrew Boon for taking gear around by sea.
• Janet thanked Pip for Wildcare vests with FOM logos supplied for the working bee

OBP update and pictures
Mick reported on the OBP figures for the season from information provided by Shannon Troy (DPIPWE) and showed a few photos of Melaleuca birds taken last month.

Update from Ian Marmion
Ian showed photos of the helicopter removal of the old burned tractor in April and several birds. The co-ordination of man power, helicopter and barge on a fine April day was quite a feat.
A second hand tractor will be taken down soon and plans are underway to replace the Green shed with a similar structure.
Preparations for a PWS burn to promote early regeneration for OBP food plants are currently underway with perimeter slashing, with a burn planned for the next few weeks. A small tractor is on site for this and Ian hopes to get the strip rolled while it is there.
The Narrows crossing has been improved with new boas and life jackets. There is still an issue with a broken winch on the N side.
FoM badges
Janet to obtain a quote for embroidered loose badges with FoM logo. Helen said Blandfordia Alpine Club had theirs done for $1.70 each.

Still in limbo
• Nomenclature proposals. Ian happy to resubmit now. OK to keep prompting him.
• Film from Ian Volpe (Craig’s seat). Ask Ian Ross or Ron Fehlberg if they can add music.

Next meeting
September 2017 –probably a Tuesday at DSS