Friends of Melaleuca WILDCARE

Ian wielding the paintbrush. Photo – Leanne Banfield

The historic Claytons homestead was an integral part of this year’s Friends of Melaleuca Working Bee. Following the major 2017 footings replacement program a team of up to six volunteers energetically descended on the amazing abode of Win and Clyde. David, Mel, Leanne, Craig, Ian and Rob completed a much-needed repair and repaint of much of the exterior. A job easier said than done!

Ian off to do battle with wasps. Photo – Mel Jack

The team also repaired the entrance way, replaced external cladding, replaced internal cladding, fixed plumbing leaks flashed foundation plates, rust sealed, gardened and investigated possible important tank and toilet tasks for the future.

Painting at Claytons. Photo – Leanne Banfield

Many private and commercial guests arrived as the team sweated on the tools and many compliments were gratefully accepted!

Rob Banfield-repairs to the cladding. Photo – Ian Marmion

The weather was very kind and allowed a huge painting program to be completed.

New paint at Claytons – Photo Geoff Fenton


Mel and Leanne replacing wall lining at Claytons – Photo Ian Marmion

16 significant tasks were detailed for the 2019 Claytons working bee and we invite all people to register their interest if they can paint more walls, dig toilets and fence holes, drive nails, prune and label garden plants and saw in a straight line!

Coming home from a day’s work at Claytons. Nibbles on the way, Ian Marmion, Rob Banfield and Coxwain Dave Ross – Photo Mel Jack