Friends of Bruny Is Quarantine Station

The New Summer ‘volunteer caretaker’ program at the Bruny Island Quarantine Station is now available. It will commence 16 October 2014 and continue until 2 April 2015.

Volunteer Caretakers areĀ  asked to cover a four-week block including weekends with the switch over day being a Thursday. Outgoing Volunteer Caretakers are asked to brief the incoming caretakers along with a person from the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) and/or Friends of Bruny Island Quarantine Station.

Volunteer Caretaker Duties will include:

  • Opening the gates to the site and displaying welcoming flags at gate and jetty area;
  • Meeting and greeting visitors and providing information about the Station;
  • Monitoring and recording visitor numbers and impact and conduct visitor surveys if required;
  • Maintaining an obvious presence to protect the site from inappropriate behaviour by visitors and communicating with PWS Bruny Island on any issues of concern;
  • Carrying out minor maintenance of tasks identified in the approved work program;
  • Acting as first response in the event of emergency and make room for communication hub if needed;
  • Reporting issues such safety hazards and bushfire risk to PWS Bruny Island staff; and
  • Other tasks identified and appropriate to the capacity of individual Volunteer Caretakers.

For more information about the program and expectations check out the Information and Application Form