The Quarantine Station Volunteer Caretaker Program on Bruny Island provides opportunities for volunteers to enjoy living on a peninsula extending into Barnes Bay in a heritage listed cottage originally built for the Medical Superintendent in 1884.

Volunteer Caretakers will provide a physical presence at the Quarantine Station, open the Station for visitors from Thursday to Monday to provide visitor information about the heritage self- guided walk, provide other information about the natural history of the area, carry out minor maintenance and assist with coordination of other Parks and Wildlife Services (PWS) and Friends of Bruny Island Quarantine Station (FOBIQS) activities at the site.

A stint at the Quarantine Station could serve as an ‘apprenticeship’ for those people seeking volunteer positions at more challenging PWS locations such as Melaleuca, Deal Island or Maatsuyker Island.

Check out the application form on our page (check out our files tab on the main page).