Friends of Bruny Is Quarantine Station

The new Heritage Interpretive Walk at the Bruny Island Quarantine Station enhances any visit to this beautiful peninsula with the varied history of the site well explained and directional signs in place.

FOBIQS Walk PanelThe full walk will take you from the Nuenonne people’s sign to the site of the first European settlers cottage and the Shelter Cove stone jetty site. From there the walk takes you past the site of quarantine buildings where saloon and steerage passengers were lodged to the hospital area where some buildings still stand. Further on past the campsites where soldiers were quarantined on their return from WWI the trail takes you to the site of the Quarantine Bay jetty then up through the bush to the 1919 graves of influenza victims and the remains of an old oven thought to have been constructed by German prisoners of war who, while detained at the Quarantine Station, cut firewood for Hobart. The walk continues past some fenced areas that were used for growing crops during the plant quarantine period, past the plant quarantine glass houses and back to the car park in the barley paddock.

The whole walk takes about 2 hours unless of course you are delayed by photographing the wild flowers, including orchids, or bird watching or just enjoying the environment. A one hour option excludes the graves and oven or you can just enjoy a short stroll and make use of our picnic tables.

Interpretation made possible with funding through the Australian Government’s for Your Community ‘tell a story’ Heritage Grant, work done by Parks and Wildlife and by the Wildcare Group, Friends of the Bruny Island Quarantine Station .

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