Friends of Bass Strait Islands

Inspired by her time as a Wildcare Volunteer (removing boxthorn on Roydon Island with Friends of the Bass Strait Islands), Catherine Stringer created the artwork depicted in this video.

Catherine’s fascination with making paper out of seaweed began some years earlier, on King Island and she muses:

“It was very trial and error, and it took me several years before I could make finished pieces that I was happy with.”

Sounds just like weeding!

It was Roydon Island though, that inspired the current exhibition of penguin dresses!

We admire Catherine’s dedication, and the dedication of all the Friends of the Bass Strait Islands.

FoBSI’s work on Boxthorn control on the outer islands of the Furneaux Group, in coastal reserves on Flinders and at the significant Aboriginal site of Wybalenna has been an on-going project since 2002. They have been working on Roydon Island’s Boxthorn for over 10 years, and had hoped to complete primary control there this year.

Edition 61 of Wildtimes features FOBSI’s work on Roydon Island.