Friends of Bass Strait Islands

FoBSI will be running 2 workingbees in 2018 to continue the eradication of African Boxthorn from Roydon Island (an uninhabited 37 Ha island just off the W coast of Flinders Island, part of the Furneaux Island group at the E end of Bass Strait).

Both workingbees will be a fortnight long and volunteers will be camping on Roydon for the duration. Workingbee #1 will run from April 30th-May 12th. Workingbee #2 will run from June 10th- June 24th.

This will be our 10th consecutive year working on Roydon Island’s Boxthorn, and we hope to have completed primary control there by 2020. FoBSI’s work on Boxthorn control on outer islands of the Furneaux Islands, in coastal reserves on Flinders and at the significant Aboriginal site of Wybalenna has been an on-going project since 2002. In most cases we employ our very successful ‘cut&paint’ technique using chainsaws & loppers, applying a Roundup mix via handheld spray-bottles, and burning all cut woody material. Participants need to be reasonably fit.

Contact us by email at to express your interest. Note that each workingbee crew can consist of  only ~10 members and must include adequate numbers of currently qualified chainsaw operators, at least 1 Chemcert-accredited chemical handler and >1 holder of a current First Aid certificate so let us know in your EoI if you’re qualified in any of these ways.