Private: Get Outside with Community (North)

The challenge was set – a walk up to Cathedral Rock on Saturday 3rd February. Probably the most challenging walk the Get Outside with Community program has tackled yet, with a steep track climbing to 880 metres, rock climbing, and a warm day. But we had an intrepid group of leaders and participants take part, and the amazing view was worth it. We chose this walk as it was in close proximity to a music event we were invited to at Neika. The picnic lunch and beautiful music finished the day on a high note for all of us.

Led by Mohammed Nourouzi, with back up from Sara Li, Brutukan Melkamu and Ali Darwesh; the determined band of walkers were in good hands. We were joined by 6 young men and women from the Migrant Resource Centre, along with two fantastic volunteers. Our countries of origin included Afghanistan, Syria, Ethiopia, China, Sudan, Fiji and Australia.

It was an enthusiastic and supportive group, and we made it due to the encouragement and humour of everyone. We felt fantastic to have climbed to the top, and enjoyed the sweeping views on such a still and warm day. We felt proud of the achievement, and tired to the bone. Connection to place becomes very real through bushwalking, and the sense of pride was tangible.