By Bob Cook – Wildcare Friends of Billy Brown Falls

Previously there was no suitable area for walkers to park along the narrow and rough road at the start of the trail to Billy Brown Falls in the Russell Ridge Conservation Area, so our group, in conjunction with Parks & Wildlife Ranger, Ben Storer, planned to develop a suitable and safe area for parking.

We had received a grant for this work from Wildcare and had been waiting for the Parks & Wildlife people to get some free time and resources to undertake the work. Given that it involved significant earthworks and material cartage, it was not something we, as volunteers, could undertake ourselves.

Ben Storer, Ranger, together with a local contractor did the work and the photos show what was achieved. We think it is a job well done and a big improvement. Our group hopes to do some native revegetation around the carpark and also assist in some further improvement work along the start of the walking trail.

We also recently developed an information brochure about the Falls and the walking trail. This brochure has now been placed in several tourist information outlets in the Huon Valley.