Eucalyptus ovata Artworks

Black Gum Conservation Group have partnered with incredible local Tasmanian artist Mel Hills, who has generously donated a stunning collection of original works, inspired by Eucalyptus ovata (Black Gum). This is an original collection of seven mixed media pieces each measuring 15 x 21cm. Pieces are available for purchase individually.

To learn more about the artist, check out our interview with Mel.

  1. Flowers and Buds
  2. Twig, Bud and Flower
  3. Twig and Buds
  4. Ground Litter
  5. Leaves
  6. Leaves and Buds
  7. Bark Detail

Each piece is $50 including postage.

All proceeds from the sale of these artworks will go directly towards Eucalyptus ovata conservation efforts in Tasmania.

Please contact with the number of the artwork/s that you would like to purchase.


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