This Easter break I thought I would try something different by spending a few days on the Leven River, slowly walking along the PCT from Dobsons Flats (Gunns Plains) to Blackwood Camp. The difference being it would be with brush cutters and chainsaws. This section had been cleared of trees a year ago but the low vegetation needs some well deserved attention, especially near Blackwood camp. There are some pretty spots to camp along the way and with a brush cutter we can make them as required. As we will be carrying packs plus tools we can clear a section then move the packs up and continue till we make camp. Blackwood camp is a pretty spot right on the river and has some nice bathing pools nearby. If you want to do something a little different then come along, the more the merrier. You will require your own bushwalking and camping gear, tools and safety gear provided. If you would like to attend then register for the event below or contact me for more details –


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