Chauncy Vale Wildcare manages the Chauncy Vale caretaker program, a program whereby Wildcare members can live in the reserve for up to three months in the well appointed Caretaker’s Residence. Caretakers are responsible for day to day interaction with visitors who come to see a range of attractions the reserve has to offer, including: walking tracks, Browns Caves and the Day Dawn Cottage museum.

Who we are

Individuals who have in common a connection with Chauncy Vale through a desire to maintain and protect its natural and cultural values and maintain infrastructure in a condition fit for a range of visitor experiences.

Where we work

Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary and Flat Rock Reserve comprises 800 hectares of primarily dry sclerophyll bushland and is located 40 km from Hobart near Bagdad.

The Sanctuary, established in 1946, is one of the oldest private conservation areas in Tasmania. Features of the Sanctuary include: threatened dry sclerophyll grassy woodland communities, sandstone escarpments and caves, rich native bird diversity, nesting habitat for Peregrine falcons, and Day Dawn Cottage museum –a memorial to renowned children’s book author Nan Chauncy.

Chauncy Vale has picnic facilities, a bush meeting room and a selection of walking tracks catering for a range of user preferences. Frequent visitors to Chauncy Vale include: bushwalkers, field naturalists, bird watchers, historians and family groups wanting a quiet picnic location.

What we do

Chauncy Vale Wildcare has the following primary focus areas:

  • Maintaining natural bushland and walking tracks;
  • Maintaining the visitor precinct and associated infrastructure;
  • Looking after ‘Day Dawn Cottage’ cultural site; and
  • Managing the volunteer caretaker program


President: Graham Green –

Secretary: Denna Kingdom –

Treasurer: Heather Chauncy –