Sponsor a Black Gum


Introducing Black Gum Conservation Group’s ‘Sponsor a Tree’ campaign.

The idea is simple: the cost price for us to purchase seedlings is $1 per seedling. Therefore, a $1 contribution to BGCG’s ‘Sponsor a Tree’ campaign is directly used to purchase 1 tree. Contribute $5, sponsor 5 trees. Contribute $100, and sponsor 100 trees!

This allows our supporters to sponsor as many or as few trees as they’re able to, allowing anybody passionate about Eucalyptus ovata forest and woodland conservation to get involved. To find out more about what we do, go to: Wildcare – Black Gum Conservation Group

To contribute, simply enter the number of trees that you would like to sponsor in the box below and click add ‘Add to cart’. (View your cart and follow the prompts to finalise payment).

So please give generously, share the campaign among your community, and let’s see how many trees we can get in the ground!

*NB The terms ‘tree’ or ‘seedling’ is used to refer to the species Eucalyptus ovata.

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